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Sunday, March 13, 2011

1950s Borgward Isabella by SE Modell for Solido 1:43 scale

A 1950s Borgward Isabella, made by SE Modell for Solido, France in 1:43 scale.

Some facts from Wikipedia:
Borgward Isabella TS 1961The Borgward Isabella is a medium-sized, two-door
saloon that was manufactured by the Bremen based auto-manufacturer Carl F. W.
Borgward GmbH from 1954-1962. Initially, the car was badged — like its
predecessor — as the Hansa 1500, but within the company it was known from the
beginning by the code name, Isabella (not after Carl Borgward's wife whose name
was Elisabeth), and cars produced after 1957 bore the ‘Isabella’ name, inscribed
eye catchingly within the rhombus at the centre of the front grill: in
retrospect, the car produced from 1954 is known as the Isabella to differentiate
it from the (first) Hansa 1500/1800 which the company produced from 1949-1954.
Despite its aspirational positioning in the marketplace, the Isabella had a
smaller engine (and was marginally shorter) than its immediate predecessor. Late
in 1952, the firm had launched their six cylinder Hansa 2400 model. The larger
car never found many buyers; but in 1954, it made commercial sense to keep the
two models from competing too directly with each other.


  1. Hi Resti ,

    Although i'm not so fimiliar about this model but it still a beauty to me especially it's comes with a soft top.
    "What a beauty".



  2. Hello Kin, How are you doin? Finally was able to post again. Yup, the Borgward is German made which is not really that common. It wasnt also familiar with me before, until i saw it, and just admired it. Thanks much!!

  3. Hello Resti,
    A wonderful model which I didn't even know existed. That's good news that such an old die-cast maker such as Solido, which future seemed uncertain, is finally able to release new quality models.

  4. Hello Laurent! Yes also didnt know about the model, till i saw it. If I remember right, i think the Borgward company close shop in the 1970s. Thanks much!!

  5. Hi Resti,
    Actually I meant that I didn't know the die-cast. As for the Borgwards, they were rather common back then - that is, at least in West Germany. Even the great Stirling Moss raced a Lotus fitted with a Borgward engine for a time. Borgward actually disappeared during the Sixties, but I won't take a chance with the exact year.

  6. Hi Laurent,
    Oh I misunderstood. I have a book on Stirling moss which i was selling, but havent read it yet. If i remember it right, Borgward company was bought by a non-German company in the 1960s. But eventually close down, i think during the early 1970s. Regards!!!

  7. That's my turn to have misunderstood! I suppose they stopped building cars during the Sixties, but the company survived until the Seventies.

  8. Hi Laurent, yup the Borgward company went on until the seventies. Regards!!!