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Monday, May 14, 2012

Parish of Our lady of the Purification, Binmaley, Pangasinan, Philippines

From the write ups of the book of the parish, "The early beginnings of the parish of Nuestra Senora dela Purification  in Binmaley can be traced back to 1627, when the Capitular Acts of the Dominicans assigned the first vicar of the town, Father Tomas Gutierrez.  The church was constructed in the 16th century and finished by Fr. Barrozo, OP in 1754.  Until the religious revolution of 1898, the Dominicans took care of the parish.  Then, the Diocesan clergy took over when four diocesan priests came in succession from 1898 to 1932.
As early as July of 1931, the Society of the Dicvine Word (SVD) missionaries were in Binmaley. The first bishop of the Diocese of Lingayen, Msgr. Cesar Ma. Guerrero, wanted to open a seminary and the SVD accepted the administration of the school.  The parish was officially turned over to the SVD's on January 6, 1932.


  1. Hi Resti ,

    Wow....Nice old building / landmark from the past , i guess it is easily over 100 years ???
    Is an old church.Right ?

    I came across an article mentioned about a town without an old building is like a human without memory.

    So old building is very important to all of us because it tells what happen in the past / history behind it.

    Nice pictures & places.

    Thanks ,

    Kin :)

  2. Hello Kin,
    Greetings to you!! Yup its over a 100 years old, the first construction was finished in 1754. And wow thats a great blast from the past. As I adore classic cars, so do i admire our historic past.
    Thanks for your visit.
    Best regards to you and your family!!