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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ixo Seat 1430 Rallye de Monte Carlo 1977, S.Servia/ J. Sabater, 1:43 scale

An Ixo Seat 1430 Rallye de Monte Carlo 1977, S.Servia/ J. Sabater in 1:43 scale. Great looking classic race car from the 1970s.

Reference from Wikipedia:
SEAT's first serious attempt at a World Rally Championship (WRC) title was
burdened on the small SEAT Ibiza, a 1.6L normally aspirated front-wheel drive
car with its roots in the Volkswagen Polo. The Ibiza allowed the company to
start building its rallying experience, and was officially engaged in some
European national championships. The years went by and little success followed
until a 2L version of the Ibiza was homologated as a kit-car, and extra wide
tracks, larger wheels, brakes, etc, were fitted to it as the Fédération
Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) kit-car regulations allow. With these
attributes, the car won the 2L World Championship three times ('96, '97, '98).
SEATs three conquests of the 2L FIA title, and the sport's popularity in Spain,
convinced Volkswagen Group management to go further, and allocate sufficient
budgets to the SEAT Sport department so as to allow it a chance to reach its
goal. SEATs project to build a WRC-spec car was officially announced during the
1997 San Remo rally. It was in 1998 that the SEAT Córdoba WRC was first enrolled
by the company to compete at the highest level of WRC racing. The Córdoba was
based on the family saloon of the same name but was, naturally, a WRC class car.
It had a 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, permanent four-wheel drive, and
active differentials were involved in its transmission. However, the short
wheelbase and high-mounted engine (compared to its rivals) worked against the
Córdoba, and results weren't impressive. The main drivers were ex-WRC champion
Didier Auriol, along with Harri Rovanpera and rising Finnish star Toni
Gardemeister. They did achieve three podium finishes; at the 1999 Rally New
Zealand (Gardemeister), the 1999 Rally of Great Britain (Rovanpera) as well as
the 2000 Safari Rally (Auriol). SEAT pulled out of international rallying at the
end of 2000.

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