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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Autoart Millenium Audi Sport Quattro Rally de Monte Carlo 1985, S. Blomqvist / B. Cederberg in 1:18 scale

An Autoart Millenium Audi Sport Quattro, Rally de Monte Carlo 1985, driven by: S. Blomqvist/ B. Cederberg, in 1:18 scale.

From Wikipedia:
The Audi Quattro is a road and rally car, produced by the German automobile
manufacturer Audi, part of the Volkswagen Group. It was first shown at the 1980
Geneva Motor Show on 3 March.
The word quattro is derived from the Italian word for "four". The name has also
been used by Audi to refer to the quattro four-wheel drive system, or any
four-wheel drive version of an Audi model. To avoid confusion, the original
Quattro model is also commonly referred to as the Ur-Quattro - the "Ur-" (German
for "primordial" or "ancestral") is an augmentative prefix, in this case meaning
"original", and is also applied to the first generation Audi S4 and Audi S6
models, as in "Ur-S4" and "Ur-S6".
The Audi Quattro was the first rally car to take advantage of the then-recently
changed rules which allowed the use of four-wheel drive in competition racing.
It won competition after competition for the next two years.[1] To commemorate
the success of the original vehicle, all subsequent Audis with their trademark
quattro four wheel drive system were badged "quattro" with a lower case "q". The
original car with the upper case "Q" in the Quattro name is a collector's piece.
The Audi Quattro shared many components and the core of its body style with the
Audi Coupé, which was a member of the Audi 80 (B2) model range.[1] It was
internally designated Typ 85, a type number it shared with the Audi Coupé GT,
Audi Coupé quattro and Audi 4000CS quattro. Its characteristic flared
wheelarches were styled by Martin Smith. The Audi Quattro also had independent
rear suspension and independent front suspension.
The Quattro A1 debuted at the 1983 season opener Monte Carlo Rally, and went on
to win the Swedish Rally and the Rally Portugal in the hands of Hannu Mikkola.
Driven by Stig Blomqvist, Mikkola and Walter Röhrl, the A2 evolution won a total
of eight world rallies; three in 1983 and five in 1984.


  1. Hi Resti ,

    Tremendous Audi legendary rally car , the "Sport Quattro".

    Is really such a great rally car.

    Very nice detail & casting.



  2. Hello Kin, yes the Audi Quattro along w/ the Lancia Stratos are legends of rallying. Sorry some of the photos are a bit blurred. How are your children doin? Thanks and Best Regards.

  3. Hi Resti ,

    Darrel & Danny are doing just fine.They are just great.

    Thanks for asking.


  4. Hi Kin, Glad your children are doin well, they give our homes a happy atmosphere. Regards!